One International Centre

Continuing my work in large, public spaces, I was commissioned to create artwork for a newly renovated lobby. In matching the architecture of the property to the painting composition, I visualized vibrant colors accompanied with prominent, curvilinear shapes to complement the geometric or linear designs already in place.

For inspiration, I was reminded of the shapes I observed on a recent flight from Houston cruising at 20,000 feet on a clear day. I could see all the various tracts of land in many shapes and sizes. I felt I was looking at a multitude of abstract paintings.

In creating these paintings, I used parcel maps as my guide, taking artistic liberties along the way and paying homage to the cut outs that Matisse introduced in the 1940’s.

These paintings invite the observers to visually notice or create their own special shapes- imagining nature as a lake or river, or sensing an outline of a bird, person, or childhood memory.

Many landlords are trying to provide spaces where people say, “I like to come to the office”. Public art can bring people together and give a building a unique identity. I hope that goal was achieved here.