Let's Hear it for Nurses

2020: A year to challenge everyone! Certainly, we each have our own issues yet, how do we fathom what our health care professionals face? Recently, I became aware of how many nurses are experiencing “compassion fatigue” as the pandemic lingers.

The stories were disheartening and highlighted how they must battle professionally each day while coping on a personal level.

As I worked on a painting later that day, the conversation lingered with me and I decided that I wanted to make a small effort to help bring some joy to area nurses. I contacted the local hospital to see how we could create a random drawing among the nurses to receive a painting. My timing worked well to coincide with an appreciation week at the hospital.

I chose my painting, Summer Sunset, which was inspired by the colorful sunsets that can be viewed from the hospital campus near an adjacent river.

Here is a photo of the recipient, Kendra on the left, who is an oncology nurse. I hope that if she misses the sun setting while working, she now has a version waiting for her at home. A ‘thank you” to Kendra and all the nurses out there!