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Creatively Modernizing

It's impossible to pick up a magazine these days and see anything but the virtues of modern design. It seems that to be current- as "in the moment" means to be modern" - in architecture, furniture and fashion.

If you are starting from scratch that would be an easy assignment. But many of us begin with the palette of existing architecture, like a Tuscan-inspired design, for example. Or in the case of dated commercial properties there could be brass finishes or mauve paint. No matter what you have to work with, when there is a desire to revitalize the look to compete with newer properties, the answer is usually found with clean lines and color schemes.

To that, I say “Art to the rescue!”

It is amazing what a few modern art pieces can do to breath life into a space. Recently, I worked with a couple of commercial clients in San Antonio to change up their lobbies. In addition to the new artwork, the company who occupied the building added their own photos. This combined with new contemporary furniture really transformed their space.

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