Being Bold in Design

Lately I have been working with several savvy developers and commercial real estate managers who agree that thoughtfully curated art, which stands out while blending in with a building's overall function, can attract and maintain tenants.

In one building where the owner is renovating common areas to provide a fresh and modern look, we have been adding art to each area after its renovation with the goal of making the floors distinct from one another. Have you ever been to a hotel where they have the same artwork on every level? With millions of art options available to properties such as office buildings or hotels, there is really no excuse to have the same artwork on every level. It only requires a few more steps to create a unique experience.

Back to this project- we have been working our way through the thirteen stories and placing art on each floor that is completely different from the others. In addition to the uniqueness of each floor, the owners have the option of re-hanging the paintings by switching from one floor to the next, in essence periodically providing ‘new’ artwork for their tenants. While the paintings are always different from one another, they are the same size and they do not even have to move a nail.

For the most recent round, I painted very colorful and whimsical cactus trees based on photos I took in the surrounding area of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.