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Adventures with Wood

Earlier this year, I added to my Serenity series with two pieces that I painted on Birchwood. After seeing a number of Rothko works recently, I was motivated to create something colorful but simple. These were designed to be hung in a space that had very little color so this is definitely the brightest spot in the room. I liked the sharp corners that the wood ‘canvas’ provided so next up was a much smaller project using similar colors but in more pronounced application. I recommend priming these pieces very well before you paint if they are in a natural state.

Next up, I painted a couple of pieces where I started with a lot of texture. The first one was an exercise of recycling a canvas that my daughter had started and no longer wanted. It was energizing seeing how the texture played with the various colors as I layered with acrylic. I had so much fun with the first one that I created a similar piece with more subdued colors.

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