Nothing Ever Stays the Same

The worldwide pandemic has brought an incredible amount of change and most of it has proven challenging. While I am grateful for the good health of family and loved ones, darkness sometimes hangs in the air. In an effort to lighten my environment, I wanted to paint something with an abundance of fun colors with levity and light.

I started by painting a base of many colors with no consistent pattern. Then, I fashioned circles with glossy white paint using a measuring colander. I kept adding circles until I felt I had achieved the optimum movement.

I called the results “Nothing Ever Stays the Same 1 and 2”. The title represents the flow of the pieces and the feeling that we don’t have one hundred percent control over things and that is okay.

Next, I created two more where the background is an ombre pattern from blue to green— some of my favorite colors and in response to my new surroundings by the ocean. Maybe nothing ever stays the same and perhaps, with this recent move, that is a good thing.

  • Doub Cir blog.jpeg