In a Box

That would be how I would describe my life of late- in a box. With everyone off at college, my husband and I downsized into a much smaller house. We love it! But first came the boxes- -lots of them- organizing, discarding, packing, unpacking, re-arranging, and discarding some more. I tell friends proudly how we were fearless in this process and how liberating it was to free ourselves of many possessions.

Then, in telling the whole story, I have to ‘fess up’ to the fact that I have not one- but THREE storage units. Well, in all fairness, one of them is dedicated to my piano that we currently do not have the space for. So really I only count the two and I still feel like I have simplified my life to a great and wonderful degree.

Then came the holidays- in which I was wrapping boxes- and then it was the New Year and we made the decision to run our businesses from our new home office and close our remote office. You guessed it- more boxes to deal with.

But after all the boxes, I am looking forward to a wonderful year with exciting changes and possibilities including my new website which I hope you enjoy!